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AMA recap: BullieVerse x

Hello all beloved GameFi fellas,

On November 19th, 2021, we’re thrilled to host an AMA with Bullieverse — a gaming ecosystem and an open-world metaverse for players and creators. It provides its players with plenty of equal playing and earning chances with its transparent monetization mechanism.

The AMA session was held in GameFi’s Telegram Channel with the participation of Mr.Arun Krishnakumar - Chief Growth Officer and Mr.Murali Reddy — COO, Bullieverse. The team conveyed information about the project’s features, special insights into the game vision, upcoming plans, etc.

The AMA included 3 segments:

  • Segment 1: Guest and Project Intro
  • Segment 2: Twitter Questions
  • Segment 3: Live Community Quiz

Winners shared a pool prize of $400 .

Guests and Project introduction Segment

Host: How are you GameFi Community? 🤩 Are you excited for our AMA session today ?

We have two special guests from Bullieverse! Please help me welcome, Arun Krishnakumar, the Chief Growth Officer and Murali Reddy, the COO.

Speaker: Thanks for having us here today Jane … Hello GameFi … 😊

Host: Here’s the first question. Please introduce yourself, how did you start your journey in crypto and your position to the team.

Speaker: Sure … I am Murali, COO and Co-Founder at Bullieverse.

I started my career about 18 Years back. Initial decade in the corporate , I worked in various Technical Leadership roles, building and nurturing high performance teams, primarily in product companies like Oracle and IBM labs. I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2015, built a Personal styling recommendation engine for e-commerce users, scaled it to 100,000 users and took a successful exit in 2017. That’s when I ventured into Web3 space, understanding Technology and started my early stage Investments in couple of Layer1 projects.

During that phase, I met my co-founder Srini. We both founded Cognitochain which is an enterprise blockchain for Micro-Finance Borrowers. Did great work with Indian State Government, won many awards and grants. We started ideation on Open Metaverse vision, Bullieverse, about 8 months back. By far, this has been fascinating journey and looking forward to share more with you today.

Speaker: I am Arun Krishnakumar, Chief Growth Officer at Bullieverse. I started my career as an Engineer about 20 years ago. Pivoted it around in 2011 after a couple of business degrees from LSE and Oxford University. Founded and managed to VC funds over the last decade, over 5000 ventures reviewed and invested in 20 of them. I sit on the board of a few of them.

Over the last 6 years, I have also taken up blogging and podcasting. I am a social media influencer and was identified as one of the top 100 Asians in tech in the UK last year. I am also a published author in Blockchain and Quantum computing, and my second book that was published last year was about crisis management strategies for venture founders. I lead growth at Bullieverse. Hope that helps, and look forward to our session today.

Host: Both of you have amazing backgrounds with years of experience! That’s totally awesome 😎 Can you give us a brief introduction of Bullieverse and explain more about your roadmap?

Speaker: At Bullieverse we are building an open world Metaverse on unreal engine where our community can create and play games to earn rewards and NFTs. We are a virtual marketplace for gamers and creators and offer utility to NFT communities.

We have quite a busy Q1 — Now that the funding rounds are largely done and the first product is nearly there, we are now largely focused on growth and community engagement. Q1 will be filled with IDOs, Promo events, PR with top tier publications and most importantly community competitions and give aways. We have an airdrop campaign live now, but are also working on a few for our NFT holders who have been very supportive through the last 6 months. We have a token launch later this month and the public launch of the Bear Hunt game in late Feb/early March.

We are also planning to launch our bear NFTs later this month (through our game), and will top it up with more NFT news on land sale and game portal sale through Q2. Through all this, our genesis Bull NFT holders will reap amazing benefits. We are extremely excited for them.

Host: There’s a lot that we can do on Bullieverse! We are looking forward for your upcoming activities. Surely, GameFi community will participate since you have a really great project 🙌

Speaker: Absolutely — it is not just a one game pony :) we are building a gaming economy here! with and for our community.

Host: What are the most confident and unique features you can share with us?

Speaker: To start with, we are the first 3D game using Unreal Engine that has gone live in this space. How many other projects have a game live before token launch?

However, there are broader and strategic differences. We are not a one game pony — we are a gaming/metaverse marketplace/economy which will support both gamers with an intention to play and earn, and enjoy the metaverse experience — but also, focus on creators who want to earn by creating games and owning in-game assets. We also emphasize on the gaming experience a lot more than other ‘play to earn’ projects do. We have published an article that describes all these in greater detail on our medium channel —

In segment 2, the Red Kite team picked questions from the Twitter announcement to answer in this AMA session.

Host: Earlier, our team have picked questions from this announcement:

Here’s the 1st question from @JordanJosephJr

The “ Play-to-earn” concept is common so far but i see yours is “Play-and-earn”, can you share more detail about it? Will I be able to use them to generate passive income, like many other NFTs games have recently?

Speaker: The Play to Earn concept has made the Web 3 gaming world focus more on the earn part, less so on the play part. We have missed out on the gaming experience, and often people play these games just to make money. Our thesis is slightly different. We want to make sure our community enjoys the game and have the ability to earn.

As for our NFT, they allow our NFT holders to earn consistently. These are the means through which our NFT holders can accrue value,

⁃ Play and Earn (you can’t earn on the platform without the Bull NFT)
⁃ Passive income through renting your NFT.
⁃ Create and Earn (after we launch the creation engine)
⁃ Have early access to new NFT collections — Our Bear NFTs can only be minted by Bull NFT holders
⁃ We have a pipeline of new NFT collections through 2022, and Bull NFTs will let you access them.
⁃ Early access to Land and Game portal auction

Host: 2nd question from @Nensi_N2

I saw your gamemode…. So, how many battle modes are there in the game? Are there other functions within the game if I want to level up or gain experience to have more skill is it necessary to buy skill packs or how would it be in “#Bullieverse” ?

Speaker: Bear Hunt is a single player Objective based game and has four stages to beat before gamers can get a FREE BEAR NFT. We will have in game assets as the Metaverse matures that will allow for skill/artillery upgrades, and thanks to NFTs, the vision is to allow these gaming assets to be used across multiple game environments and potentially platforms in future. For instance if you buy a gun or a armour within one game, you should be able to use it in another and you will own that gun. These in game assets can be sold or bought in our marketplace.

Host: 3rd question from @ToshiakiYutaka

We often ask about how to earn income from a project. But how Bullieverse can generate revenue ? Btw, what are the utilities of your tokens ?

Speaker: You need a Bull NFT to earn from Bullieverse. You can buy it on OpenSea here

The utility of our Bull token is largely governance. We have a Shell token that is used as in game utility token. A detailed view of tokenomics can be understood from here

Moreover, Players who bring engagement gets rewards from Play and Earn economy , Creators gets fairly rewarded for creating assets and games ...

Host: 4th question from @HoshiNoo2k

Many project lost reputation and abandoned forever when being hacked. Have you been audited by any parties ? How could you can protect asset of gamers and investors ?

Speaker: Smart contract security is extremely important and critical not just for us, but for our community and the Web 3.0 space as a whole. We have completed our Smart Contract Audit with one of the top audit firms and will be sharing more information on that closer to the token launch.

Host: 5th question from @JordiDelimad

How will the metaverse be implemented in Bullieverse ecosystem ? Could you explain more about your NFT marketplace? Can I sell my own NFTs in that marketplace? Are there any certain requirements for users who want to buy and sell in that marketplace?

Speaker: Our Bull NFTs will be the genesis of everything the community does in the Bullieverse ecosystem. While you can play in Bullieverse for FREE, to earn or buy anything in the metaverse, you will need the Bull NFT.

We have a massive roadmap for our NFTs, that you can then buy or sell in our marketplace.
⁃ Bear NFTs to be minted by winners of the Bear Hunt game
⁃ A surprise NFT drop in the next few weeks (watch this space)
⁃ A land NFT auction
⁃ Game portals NFT Auction
⁃ In Game assets, artillery and armour NFTs in our marketplace.

And all this is just 2022 — To participate in all that you need a BULL NFT.

Host: Thank you so much @OxArun @muraliduvvuru for your time and participation. We have gained so much knowledge about Bullieverse🤩

We have truly learned a lot about the project. And it is very interesting.

Speaker: It was really pleasure chatting with community … One of the best Twitter AMA questions we have answered so far … 😊

In segment 3, PlaceWar TEAM answered live questions from the community.


Speaker: And now, let’s proceed to the 3rd segment.

For the Live Quiz, we will unmute the chat. I will drop the question and the first one who got the right answer will be declared as winner.

Note: Please don’t drop questions as it is not a Live Telegram Segment.

1. It is a fantasy Metaverse Island where you can play games, create experiences and earn rewards.
A: Bullieverse

2. What is the in-game token of Bullieverse?
A: Shell Token

3. What will be the first game in Bulliever Island?
A: The Bear Hunt

4. When is the IGO date of Bullieverse in GameFi Launchpad?
A: February 15, 2022

5. What is the ticker name of the governance token of Bullieverse?

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