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On 20 MAY 2022, we organized an AMA with MONSTERRA -

The AMA session was held on Youtube Channel with the participation:

LE DO - Head of Partnership in MONSTERRA team. She shared insights, the latest updates, and the vision of her team.

The AMA included 3 segments:

  • Segment 1: Guest and Project Intro
  • Segment 2: Telegram Questions
  • Segment 3: Live Community Questions

Winners shared a pool prize of $300.


HOST: Hi Le, how are you doing today?

LE DO: I am good and thanks for asking. I am really excited as this is the 2nd time Monsterra comes to GameFi community. Last time, our PO - Mr.Victor Thang joined AMA with everyone in the group chat. Lots of information has been shared. Hope that my sharing today will help you guys have a deeper understanding of Monsterra project as there have been so many changes recently.

HOST: Welcome to the show, A lot of things to talk about but first let's talk about your identity.

Can you introduce yourself? What did you do before MONSTERRA project?

LE DO: I am Le Do - Partnership Manager of Monsterra NFT Game. With 7+ years of intensive hands-on experience in Marketing, Partnership Management, and Professional Communication, I really expect that I can make a huge contribution to our Monsterra game's future success.

HOST: Let's move on, what is MONSTERRA? What will it serve in blockchain gaming?

Monsterra is a multi-chain game run on BNB Chain, Avalanche & Terra networks inspired by the Axie Infinity game's pet world and the gameplay in Clash of Clan or Boom Beach of Supercell. The game set foot in a fictional world and revolves around farming, property building, and battling other lands with the magical creatures named Mongen.

Monsterra innovative design must be the key to attracting players to the project. Our game is developed with the combination of 3 models: Play-for-Fun, Play-to-Earn, and Free-to-Earn. We offer an addictive playground with not only a high-profit stream but also an innovative gamer experience.

Compared to hundreds of game NFT projects out there, what are your special & unique features that make you feel confident about your project?

I think the entry ticket fee is our unique feature. Let me explain more. Most NFTs games currently suffer a low player base due to the expensive initial cost for a new player to take part in the game. But in Monsterra, players can choose to use free assets or buy items on the Marketplace depending on their personal financial situation. When playing with free items, players can still experience all the features of the game. Yet, it will be even more fascinating for gamers with financial investment in NFTs assets.

Gamers using free assets or having a small amount of capital will need to spend more time and effort to farm, build an empire with wealthy properties, and Mongens while gamers spending a bigger financial investment in NFTs items can shorten the time to build a defense empire and generate profits faster when there are battles and events.

However, whether it is a small or big investment, gamers must set up their own wise strategy to maximize the profit generated. Monsterra offers plenty of interesting daily quests for free and low-capital players to be able to engage in. Everyone can entertain and earn as much as they can.

SEGMENT 2: Earlier, the team picked 5 questions from Twitter post and will shed the light on them in this AMA

@leejunhyung_lee The most attractive feature of a NFT Game is the Play-to-Earn mechanism which provides players the chance to play and earn valuable tokens. Could you let us know more about the Play-to-Earn mechanism, what ways can we earn ? and when the official version is launched?

In Monsterra, players can generate their earnings via many profit streams such as:

♻ Performing daily quests

♻ Participating in 4 in-game battle modes

♻ Staking in staking pool

♻ Trading on NFT Marketplace

♻ Extra bonus from the exogenous network revenue.

♻ Rewarding incentive from playing Monsterra game: joining events, tournaments, arena.

As the market has just undergone a shocking event of Terra fall, we have just postponed IDO & game launching for a bit. We expect the official version can be released so soon around this June. Hope the market will be better at that time.


What are the token utilities? How much is the team holding ? Do you have any plan to burn $MSTR to increase and maintain the token value and avoid inflation? What benefits do the long-term holders have compared to the short-term ones?

As you might know, Monsterra is governed and supported by 2 tokens MSTR & MAG. MSTR is the primary token with a total supply of 100M tokens and MAG is the second token with an unlimited supply.

✅ MSTR can be used in staking, purchasing assets, upgrading items to buying tickets for the event participation

✅ Users can use MAG token to Breed & evolve Mongens, Reduce waiting time in the game, Pay the fee for Arena battles & Buy extra energy.

As shared in our tokenomics, 20% of the total token supply belongs to the Team & Advisors. Per my sharing above, Monsterra team has increased the utilities of $MSTR, $MAG in various ways. Our goal is to make the 2 forces (token supply and burning amount) perfectly balanced, or burning is always higher than the total supply, so everyone can keep their positive profit. A high using demand will get the tokens effectively burnt and slow down the inflation rate.

Since being extended in the use cases, Monsterra tokens will increase in value which help maximize the benefit for the token holders. As such, MSTR token holders can receive massive benefits as follows:

- Rewards from staking pools.

- Extra bonus from the exogenous network revenue.

- Rewarding incentive from playing Monsterra game: joining events, tournaments, arena.

- Voting right to govern Monsterra game


What are the issues that you consider the most challenging while working on the game? How can the community contribute to the thriving Monsterra project?

During the development of the project, Monsterra faced 3 major challenges:

- There are tons of existing P2E games on the market

- There are too many game scam projects affecting the blockchain game industry

- The market is bloody down

To overcome these challenges, Monsterra team has focused on developing and improving our core products with attractive gameplay, innovative gaming experience, and design a sustainable tokenomic model to maintain the in-game economy over time. We also continuously expand partner networks, reach out to noticable names within the space and connect to active game guilds to create a strong gamer community for the upcoming IDO and Game Launching. The support of our community is the biggest motivation for our team to go further.


How would you earn revenue to support the project’s development, and what strategies do you have to attract more users in the future? Do you have any ambassador program to encourage user’s contribution as well as present your project to the world ?"

In Monsterra, we create a prosperous profit-making mechanism. The general game revenue stream can be generated and captured from:

- Selling premium items such as Land Plots, Mongens, or Soulcore on the marketplace

- Charging the evolution and upgrade fee for Mongens and in-game items respectively

- Having the commission of all transactions in the marketplace.

You know, the community is crucial to any P2E project. Having loyal and active members to support and go along with the project is all we aim for. We will for sure run the ambassador event for Monsterra community. Thus, our dear Monsterriors, whatever you contribute to the project since day 1 have been carefully noted down and acknowledged. Sooner or later, there will be a hall of fame with your name on it as Monsterra top contributors. Keep up the good work!

Dimitrios Fabi

Security and anonymity are always prioritized by BlockChain projects in the development of project platforms and technologies. So, does you have any technological solutions or plans to enhance user trust in these issues?

Security is surely important to all projects. That is why Monsterra decided to apply and put our MSTR token under the extensive Smart Contract audit of Certik:

Our MSTR token has successfully passed that strict audit process by Certik. By being certified by this leading security-focused ranking platform, Monsterra can say with confidence that our tokens will be free of vulnerabilities and have minimized the risk of being hacked. However, Monsterra is still taking under consideration the cooperation with other blockchain experts and audit firms to maintain the highest level of security and ensure the safety of users.


Our speaker picked the 5 best questions randomly in the box chat and elaborated on them.

1/Thanh Phúc Trần: @demaitrong HOW MUCH CAPITAL NEEDS TO PLAY? HOW long does a game go on? CAN I EARN PASSIVE INCOME? THANKS!

This is one of the key aspects that was asked much from the community. We also offer both F2P and P2P so that you can enjoy the game with zero costs. But with higher investment, you can speed up and higher your capacity and earn more income. So no minimum or maximum number. About passive income, we have a staking pool that can stake NFT and $MSTR at the same time while playing our game. Very interesting!

2/Tijesuni Ogunrombi: @bookieassassin Can you tell us a bit about the features we should expect? Will you have NFT lending which will bring income for NFT owners? Or Integrate advertising features into gameplay?

Yeah, we have an upcoming variety of features that can lead our NFT monsters outstanding in the market. We also have unprecedented breeding mechanism within MONSTERRA ecosystem which creates stupid, cute, beautiful mongens - our pets.
Second is our two innovative tokens, with each one covering various ways of its utilities.

And not long anymore, we will develop a guild model that allows users to create their own clans. I think it's very beneficial for users and good players to enjoy the game, lead creed and their own clans. You should follow our social channels, and telegram groups being able to update all the latest developments from us.

3/ ༄xʟ☬nazmul࿐: @Lucelle23 Are you planning to promote your project in countries/regions where English is not good? Do you have a local community for them to better understand your project??

We have a marketing plan based on our roadmap. And this is the time to build and attract a strong community, get ready for IDO, IGO. After IGO, we also release our battle testnet and then release the mainnet launching. We are on the way to call investment and support from KOL, VC and open our network to Chinese, Brazil, Russian, Philippines, Thailand. Our product team is intending to create a portal support so that everyone can access and ask about their problems. Also, we have a plan to run an ambassador campaign to attract more KOL or users.

4/Mình Là Minh:   @minhday I see that many P2E games currently have inflation problems from earning rewards from players, so I wonder if Monsterra has any plans and orientations for this problem?

I did give a lot of information about our innovative tokens which can balance the in-game economy development. We offer a dual token model to cover and govern. With token $MSTR with limited token supply, $100 million token will be used in several premium activities and the second token is unlimited total supply but very smart burning and earning mechanism, you can feel at ease that everything is under control right now. We also were audited by Certik which means we try to minimize the inflation in-game to help develop in the long run

5/Along_D9999: Most P2E NFT Gaming can only be played for PC users this is a major problem for users who don't have PC so my question is will #Monsterra be available in the mobile version? or only for PC Users?

At first, we planned to release the mobile ver at the end of 2022. At this moment, we are so proud to say we can release this mobile version sooner, maybe even after the mainnet launching. Our expectation is to maximize the experience of players in both the mobile versions and PC ones.

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