Available Pools on GameFi Launchpad - Various Earning Chances from Public Sales for GameFi.org Community



Jul 29, 20223 min read

Available Pools on GameFi Launchpad - Various Earning Chances from Public Sales for GameFi.org Community

In this article, we would like to collect and give details about all kinds of pools on the GameFi Launchpad. Both experienced users and newbie ones can grasp the purposes of each pool and choose their suitable ones.

From the first project launched at the end of August 2022, GameFi Launchpad has handpicked and introduced more than sixty projects to GameFi.org users. The Launchpad release has drawn community concern and attracted more than one million users across platforms. Thus, we bring in several kinds of pools to meet projects and users’ demands.

Available pools on GameFi.org Launchpad

GameFi Launchpad offers types of pools that aim to introduce projects, highlighted features, social channels, and tokens. As a result, users can understand more about each project and make their own investment decisions.

1️⃣ Fundraising pools

They take up the most amount of pools on GameFi Launchpad, which are conducted for public fundraising purposes. Users can get the biggest allocation and guaranteed slot, and projects can increase the number of token and NFT holders once joining these pools.

Particularly, fundraising IGO and INO pools include:

  • Staking pool (former IGO pool): Users must reach one of GameFi.org ranks: Rookie, Elite, Pro, Legend to be eligible for IGO participation. By staking at least 20 $GAFI, users can apply whitelist on the Staking pool of any projects launched and have a chance to join token swapping phases.

If a user becomes a winner for each public sale, he/she can join two phases of a Staking pool: Phase 1 with guaranteed allocation and Phase 2 for First-come, First-serve (FCFS).

Complete guidelines to join public sales on GameFi.org

  • Public pool (for INO): Users will apply whitelist to get a chance to purchase NFTs at buying time. It is not required to stake GAFI or do KYC process for Public pool participation.
  • Early bird pool (for INO): This pool depends on each project's demand. Those who take part can buy NFTs at a lower price compared to NFTs sold in Public pools. However, only a limited number of users can successfully join this pool type.

2️⃣ Community pools

Community pools are open to all GameFi.org community members. No staking and KYC are needed since users only have to complete social tasks from Gleam competition, airdrop events, and other social events from projects. Through the mentioned actions, we support brand awareness and marketing for projects.

There are several pools for users on GameFi Launchpad such as:

  • Community pool for IGO
  • Airdrop Event pool: Projects will host airdrop events for users on GameFi.org or their players. If they are on the winner list, they can join this pool.
  • Event pool with specified whitelisters at the project’s request. The whitelisters can be users who bought NFTs from INO on GameFi.org or a limited number of users provided from the projects. Other users cannot apply whitelist to join these pools.

According to internal statistics, the number of participants in Community pools is usually higher than in any pool. Accordingly, the match ratio to be in the winner list can be tighter. We try to host as many pools for the community as possible from projects’ Public sales so that users participate easily and have more winning opportunities.

3️⃣ Player pools

In the current market, projects focus more on attracting players and their retention. Projects would like to connect with a wealth of players to increase their user base. Thus, we host Player pools for both the GameFi.org community and users from other projects.

The rules for this kind of pool vary from the project. Besides, it is an excellent way for participants without staking and KYC to reach the projects and have chances to join public sales on GameFi Launchpad.


The article has summarized all pool types on GameFi Launchpad. Users can choose the pools that suit them the most as well as meet their demands. Each pool has its own strengths, which give users different benefits. We will try to upgrade the pools so that the GameFi.org community can get more earning chances from them.  

Disclaimer: Nothing in this article constitutes professional and/or financial advice, nor does any information in this article and the GameFi.org website constitute a comprehensive or complete statement of the matters discussed relating thereto.

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