Mozilla acquires Active Replica to boost its metaverse vision



Dec 5, 20222 min read

Mozilla acquires Active Replica to boost its metaverse vision

The legacy web developer and internet browser Mozilla announced its acquisition of Active Replica as part of its Hubs creator ecosystem to enhance digital experiences.

Mozilla, a web browser and legacy web developer, revealed that it had acquired Active Replica as part of its Hubs creative ecosystem to improve digital experiences. Legacy internet browser Firefox is the latest to embrace the metaverse.

Firefox developer Mozilla has announced the acquisition of Active Replica, an immersive experience developer, to fuel its metaverse strategy.

With this acquisition, Active Replica will be able to organize virtual events on Mozilla's Hubs creation platform. The multi-day innovation festival known as Mozfest was the first time the metaverse company collaborated with Mozilla.

"The magical, immersive experiences that Active Replica has built are perfectly attuned to our increasingly distributed, remote-first world," wrote Imo Udom, Senior VP of Innovation Ecosystems at Mozilla. "Together, we see this as a key opportunity to bring even more innovation and creativity to Hubs than we could alone."

In order to develop immersive experiences and assist organizations in making a difference with virtual technology, Mozilla will draw on the expertise of Active Replica. The inventor of the metaverse will then take advantage of Mozilla's size, expertise, and capability to hasten the commercialization of its ideas.

In addition, the designer of Firefox is making these new features available to the whole Hubs community. The technology behind Active, according to Mozilla, will speed up in-demand work, personalize subscription levels, enhance onboarding, and provide new features to its Hubs engine.

"Mozilla has long advocated for a healthier internet and has been an inspiration to us in its dedication and contributions to the open web. By joining forces with the Mozilla Hubs team, we're able to further expand on our mission and inspire a new generation of creators, connectors, and builders," said Ervin and Denis in a statement. "Active Replica will continue to work with our existing customers, partners, and community."

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