and Good Games Guild Collaborate to Expand Users' Connection Through Guild Activities



Apr 21, 20222 min read and Good Games Guild Collaborate to Expand Users' Connection Through Guild Activities

Entering the Gaming Guild World, decided to connect with Good Games Guild (GGG) to bring users chances of enhancing connection in the ecosystem through exclusive activities.

This quarter marked significant events for After reaching the critical needs of cybersecurity enhancement by partnering with SecuriChain, also aims for digital assets' liquidity flow through collaborations with NFTrade and NFTb.

Aiming for a stable network amongst players, game projects, and guilds, has attempted to help its project partners get in touch with qualified guilds in the industry and vice versa. Likewise, with the support of game guilds, users can see more chances to facilitate their access to promising blockchain games. To actualize the vision, lays the groundwork for bridging the guilds and users in its ecosystem. partners with Good Games Guild

After careful negotiation, and Good Games Guild came to an agreement on Guild Hub activities in April 2022. GGG will become the first guild active in the ecosystem, presenting the new feature to the community.

Debuted in the third quarter of 2021, Good Games Guild is a gaming hub aiming to support blockchain game players in their play-to-earn journeys. Their services include NFT Asset Utilization & Monitoring, NFT Marketplace, and Good Games Mobile App. GGG's portfolio consists of over 50 renowned game projects, such as Axie Infinity, Cyball & Sidus Heroes, and more than 1500 scholars actively socializing in the community. In addition, with an attractive average daily earning, Good Games Guild has attracted roughly 250 thousand guild members. looks forward to aiding users to a different level through this collaboration upon partnership activities. To begin with, will enlist GGG into the new feature, Guild Hub, where users can save a lot of time tracking the guild's updates and performance, as well as apply for scholarship programs & vacancies in their favorite guilds. On the other hand, the guild can have chances to present itself to the diverse customer base of, hosting recruitments and marketing events.

Together, and GGG will work on keeping users updated on recruitment news, scholarship and investment opportunities. There are also numerous up-and-coming campaigns and potential co-activities, specifically for the two communities.

This collaboration will not only be advantageous for various parties but also be the starting point for the forthcoming feature of, Guild Hub. For now, users can be certain of their future benefits, as always continues on our path of becoming a comprehensive gaming hub.

About Good Games Guild

Good Games Guild is a Gaming Hub that aims to create the largest virtual world economy by optimizing its owned assets utility for maximum reward generated, also sponsoring millions of play-to-earn gamers, investing in play-to-earn games along with their in-game assets.

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