Lucky Spin: Tell Fortune with The Multiverse’s Wheel of Luck



Aug 21, 20222 min read Lucky Spin: Tell Fortune with The Multiverse’s Wheel of Luck

Lucky Spin is one of the exciting activities throughout the Gamefivesary event. This wheel of luck will be open to Catstronauts from September 1st to September 10th. Let’s find out how to join this wheel and earn incredible rewards.


Let’s unveil what will be appeared in the online adventure at

  • Event name: Catventure in the Multiverse
  • Players who join the Event: Catstronaut
  • Each Game and Metaverse project in the Event: Universe
  • Points earned in the adventure: Gafish

🎊 Check out the event page now:


1️⃣ Buy tickets by exchanging Gafish

When joining Catventure, Catstronauts will complete tasks to earn Gafish. They can exchange their Gafish for tickets as follows:

Rate: 1 ticket = 2,000 Gafish

📌 Note: If you use Gafish to exchange tickets, your total amount of Gafish will be deducted accordingly.

2️⃣ Buy tickets with $GAFI

If you do not want to use Gafish, you can buy tickets with $GAFI at the Lucky Spin section on the Event page.

Rate: 1 ticket = 0.1 $GAFI

3️⃣ Stake $GAFI to get tickets

For Catstronauts who have staked $GAFI before August 25, 2022, will give you certain bonus tickets based on the number of $GAFI staked. To be specific, Catstronauts will receive 1 bonus ticket for every 20 $GAFI staked.

Based on their ranking, has set a limit on the number of bonus tickets that each Catstronaut can receive. The maximum bonus tickets for Catstronauts are as follows:

  • Legend: 60 bonus tickets
  • Pro: 30 bonus tickets
  • Elite: 15 bonus tickets
  • Rookie: 4 bonus tickets

The time for ticket distribution will be announced soon.

Wanna have more tickets? 👉🏻 Stake $GAFI here before August 25, 2022:

📌Note: Wheel tickets are transferable, thus Catstronauts can give tickets to others via MetaMask.

Let’s set your reminder: Access Gamefiversary page on September 1st and test your luck with the Multiverse’s Wheel of Luck. Will it be $GAFI, more Tickets, or a Loss for you?

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