Partners with YGG SEA to Lower Entry Barriers for Blockchain Players



May 30, 20222 min read Partners with YGG SEA to Lower Entry Barriers for Blockchain Players

Along with the quick growth of various gamefi communities in a short time, gaming guilds have proven themselves to be an effective onboarding vehicle for NFT gaming world. Sharing the point of view, and YGG SEA partner to lower the entry barriers for their communities.

In the last two years, the term gamefi (game and finance) has become more popular than ever. With the rise of play-to-earn games in the market, it is quite difficult for gamers to choose their favorite games among a variety of genres, graphics, and gameplay. Gaming guilds assist these newbies in picking suitable ones and gathering people with similar interests into a community. Furthermore, the scholarships and training materials that gaming guilds offer make accessing games much easier for players.

Aiming for the future of NFT gaming as well as the future of blockchain mass adoption, and YGG SEA are now united for collaboration, with the main purpose of creating an active and healthy gaming community for players, scholars & investors. Therefore maintaining the long-term development of games and metaverses.

YGG SEA is the first regional subDAO of YGG (Yield Guild Games), with over 30,000 members in 18 countries. YGG now has partnerships with globally famous NFT games, including Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, and F1 Delta Time. YGG SEA is pooling players from Southeast Asia, growing the P2E ecosystem with support from its parent, YGG. With more than 10,000 active scholarships, over 60 supported games, and numerous reputation investors, the guild has the possibility of continuing to expand in the potential area.

A connection between and YGG SEA optimizes benefits and opportunities to both sides. The recognition of in the blockchain world, together with the potential of YGG SEA among gaming communities, will enhance both sides' brand awareness and public image through this alliance. YGG SEA will join Guild Hub, providing verified data, updates and scholarships to various users. While has the ability to elevate a social page for YGG SEA and maximize its attractiveness to players & investors.

With many blooming ideas, the two teams will also collaborate in co-activities & events for players to play, interact and optimize benefits. In more details, has recently introduced Gamer Pools on its platform, offering opportunities for gamers to immerse in blockchain games and get rewards for their performance.

Another crucial point of the partnership is the combination of experiences & knowledge of both sides, therefore making a sustainable ecosystem for players and developers.

The communities of & YGG SEA are expecting to access a number of games and metaverses on both platforms. Together, and YGG SEA could contribute to expanding the blockchain gaming community in the industry.


YGG SEA, the first subDAO of Yield Guild Games, is a decentralized autonomous organization for acquiring and managing NFTs used in the metaverse. Our mission is to create the biggest and most sustainable play-to-earn virtual economy in Southeast Asia. YGG SEA is a founding member of the Asia Blockchain Gaming Alliance.

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