Successfully Integrates With The Manta Network



May 13, 20241 min read Successfully Integrates With The Manta Network has successfully integrated with the Manta network, unlocking opportunities for Manta IDOs and collaborative grant programs.

About Manta Network

Manta Pacific is the first EVM-equivalent ZK-application platform that is scalable and secure through Celestia DA and Polygon zkEVM.

Utilizing Celestia and a customized OP Stack, Manta Pacific presents an advanced layer 2 solution with exceptional core attributes such as low fees, high scalability, developer-friendly features, and app agnosticism. To date, Manta has achieved significant milestones, including $785.68M+ total value locked, 21.38M+ transactions on chains, and 266 ecosystem projects.

What The Integration Brings to Our Community

Network Integration: is set to undergo seamless integration with Manta, facilitating Initial DEX Offerings (IDO) and streamlining the claiming process across the Manta Network.

Cross-Chain Compatibility: This integration enables cross-chain compatibility, ushering in the possibility of expanded opportunities for users to engage with diverse blockchain ecosystems.

Grant Priority: Manta shall accord priority to projects undergoing IDO via’s launchpad. will incorporate Manta Network’s grant evaluation criteria into the due diligence (DD) metrics of (this part please make sure to clarify those projects build on Manta too).

Share Deal Flow: Manta shall facilitate the introduction of projects within its ecosystem to, with providing due diligence support.

Token Staking: Projects endorsed by Manta and shall integrate staking mechanisms for $MANTA tokens, where applicable, into their respective frameworks.

Marketing Support: Projects that are built on Manta shall benefit from free marketing promotion, community building and AMA sessions facilitated by

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