GameFi Pass: An All-in-One Identity to Mark Your Footprints



Aug 22, 20223 min read

GameFi Pass: An All-in-One Identity to Mark Your Footprints

On the development road of, users’ convenience and safety are always of the utmost priority. Hence, the idea of a single identity, where users can keep track of their activities and manage their performances, has come into the mind of the team. Eventually, the release of GameFi Pass will turn this idea into reality.


1️⃣ What is a GameFi Pass?
2️⃣ How to Create a GameFi Pass
3️⃣ What users can do in the GameFi Pass

What is a GameFi Pass?

GameFi Pass works like a book of journey for users. Entering this feature, users can set up profiles, manage activities, and work up their levels. In GameFi Pass, users will be introduced to a new system of earning experience points called GXP (short for Experience Points).

How to Create a GameFi Pass?

Every user can create their own GameFi Pass by connecting to their wallets. After that, a GameFi Pass will be automatically created with that connected wallet as the main wallet address. In “My Profile”, users can view their main wallet and add sub-wallets to their GameFi Pass.

“My Profile” panel of GameFi Pass
“My Profile” panel of GameFi Pass

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What users can do in the GameFi Pass

👤 My profile

Users can update their profiles by setting avatars, editing usernames, first and last names. In addition, they can manage their list of main wallet and sub-wallet addresses in the Wallet Info section.

There is also the Account Information section to check whether users have completed the verification process.

🏆 My Rank

In My Rank, users can check what ranks they are at, monitor their staked $GAFI, and see how many $GAFI they need to rank higher. Furthermore, provides a table of ranking system and a real-time ranking board containing the list of Legends.

Learn more about Ranking System, and How to Stake/Unstake.

📊 My GXP

GameFi Pass will introduce users to My GXP, the new level system for users. By completing simple tasks, users can earn GXP and increase their levels. To be specific, there are five levels, and each level will unlock certain rewards for users.

“My GXP” panel of GameFi Pass
“My GXP” panel of GameFi Pass

✒️ My Reviews

Users can see all the reviews they have written before, and reviews are categorized by status: Published, Draft, Pending Approval, and Declined. Besides, if users reply to others’ reviews, they can view these comments in the “Comments” tab.

💎 IGO Pools

The IGO Pools tab includes a table of all the pools that users have joined. The pools will be displayed in historical order with the pool names, types of pool, their status, and users’ allocation. Users can also track the actions they can take with each pool, such as pre-ordering, claiming, or swapping.

Besides serving users as an all-in-one identity in the long run, GameFi Pass also plays an important role in the upcoming’s Birthday event: Catventure in the Multiverse. Let’s become Catstronauts and explore the multiverse that brings to you.

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