How to Add Your Sei Wallet on



Aug 15, 20232 min read

How to Add Your Sei Wallet on

1️⃣ When joining an IDO pool with tokens on Sei Network, you will see request to set up a Sei Wallet. Click [SETUP SEI WALLET]

For example, join Simba Exchange $SIMBA IDO:

2️⃣ Click on your profile (upper-left side of your screen) & Choose [My Account].

Recommendation: Use your Metamask wallet (instead of email) to login your profile, better sync 😉

You will find Sei Wallet in the Sub-wallet address section:

3️⃣ Click the [+] button, then choose [Confirm].

4️⃣ Choose your Sei Wallet to connect: Compass, Leap, Keplr

Download Compass:

Download Leap:

Download Keplr:

5️⃣ Click [Add This Wallet]

6️⃣ Approve, almost done!

7️⃣ Get back to the IDO pool to click [Apply Whitelist]:

Done! For further instructions if needed, contact admins of via Telegram Main Chat to ask all questions you want!

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