Introducing Cyber Arena - A World Where Players Fight In Decimated Combats To Survive



Nov 4, 20222 min read

Introducing Cyber Arena - A World Where Players Fight In Decimated Combats To Survive

We are thrilled to collaborate with Cyber Arena to conduct its IGO on this month. Cyber Arena - A stunning 3D game is approaching communities. What makes the game stand out? Let’s explore!


Cyber Arena is an online multiplayer P2E fighting game using blockchain technology. The team is developing a 2.5D metaverse geared for quick, real-time combat gameplay with minimal latency. Combat sports fans now have access to a multi-game environment thanks to the basic metaverse.

Cyber Arena is now available on Game Hub with detailed game information, trailer video, and token summary.

👉🏻 Check the game on Game Hub:

Let’s pick your favorite character and start the combat game now!


The game attracts players thanks to its appealing storyline and playing modes.

Engaging story

The game is set in an environmental catastrophe where humanity experienced a disastrous economic collapse. It results in a massive revolt and social class division. The game separates into two civilizations: Undercity and Metacity, which have huge conflicts. As a result, Cyber-Arena is established as a publicly broadcast exhibition of physical violence to balance the civilizations.

More and more stories and chapters will be revealed once users immerse themselves in the game.

Diverse gameplay

  • Story Mode: Each character has a distinct storyline, which users may experience through upgrading characters and assisting them in achieving personal vendettas or ambitions.
  • Tournament Mode: Use tournament tickets and choose from a variety of tournament difficulty tournament sizes. Each tournament mode has its own set of challenges and rewards.
  • League Mode: At the end of each season, progress through League Divisions, climb the ranking system, attain your rank, and claim unique NFT, token, and trail rewards.
  • Versus Mode: Create a battle proposal and define the rules of the fight: Number of rounds, character level limit, token wager value, or accept another challenger's battle proposition and begin the fight for the $CAT tokens, which all go to the winners.


Inspired by legendary Mortal Kombat and Tekken games alike, Cyber Arena takes great pride in its highlight features:

  • Impressive visuals: Instead of using overly simplified art like 2D, pixel, or low-quality 3D, the game pleases players with deep lore, stunning 3D visuals, and animations.
  • Various attractive gameplay modes are mentioned above. Therefore, players can freely choose their favorite gameplay to immerse in Cyber Arena individually or with their friends.

In general, the game comes with a lot of new experiences for combat game lovers. Making the game incredibly entertaining, and not a typical cookie-cutter game.

Coming up next, Cyber Arena’s IGO for $CAT tokens will take place on GameFi Launchpad this month. The details about the whitelist registration time will be revealed soon. Stay tuned!

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