Introducing Guild Hub: New Feature on the Mission to Embrace An Authentic Gaming Guild Community



May 31, 20223 min read

Introducing Guild Hub: New Feature on the Mission to Embrace An Authentic Gaming Guild Community

To maximize gamers' opportunities to play and profit from gaming, operates a unique feature for the guild's activities in its ecosystem: Guild Hub.

Guild is no longer a new concept in the gaming industry. They exist in almost every top gaming community, professionally and amateur. Along with the development of gamefi and metaverse, this mechanism opens the door for many traditional gamers to explore the blockchain world.

However, in the early era of blockchain gaming development, there are difficulties for guilds and gamers to set foot in, unlike the way they work in traditional games. Guilds face challenges in reaching out and recruiting members. At the same time, gamers find big barriers to learning, adjusting, and preparing entry money to access the game.

The considerable demand for community connections has motivated to form the idea and build up a unique feature for users interested in guilds activities: Guild Hub.

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Guild Hub appears to be the destination where presents to users descriptions of valuable gaming guilds in the blockchain industry, and updates on their scholarship programs. With Guild Hub, the team set the primary goal to be the intermediary party between guilds and gamers, leveling up users' experience in its ecosystem.


Notify up-to-date scholarships and guild events for users: Guild Hub is a news center updating on the guilds’ activities, including scholarships, recruitment & game events. Users accessing will discover an aggregation of programs to explore. Through this, gamers can find their chances to apply and play with a low starting cost and significant support from the guilds.

Support guild partners to expand their audience: Not many people are actually aware of the various potential benefits that guilds offer, especially in the blockchain gaming field. As a gamefi & metaverse ecosystem with a numerous customer base, understands the challenges that guilds are facing to gather users. In partnerships with rising guilds among the community: Avocado DAO, GuildFi, YGG SEA, Good Games Guild, is determined to make sure these partners optimize the strength they own.

On Guild Hub, each guild has its own page to display news and scholarships they offer. Once their particular guild services can reach out to the ones needed, the guilds can enhance the resources, engagement, and positive impact on the audience.

Strengthen the connection among the gamefi community: The association among a gaming community may take years to be formed. With Guild Hub, hopes to create a socializing space for users of gamefi to find each other, increasing the interaction as well as circulation inside and outside the game through guild activities.

Lexia Nguyen - CEO of, shared the vision:

“Gamefi & metaverse are on the way to reach their actual potentials in the industry. Along the road, we want to make sure our users have access to all updates and opportunities to play, socialize, and earn through the Guild Hub system. Treasuring an authentic gaming community is how we work to reach the goal, and we are delighted to share the vision with our valuable guild partners.”

Brendan Wong - Co-Founder of Avocado DAO:

“ is one of the most successful platforms providing a catalyst for new web3 games entering the market, and Avocado is thrilled to be involved. As gaming guilds continue to grow in popularity and maturity, it’s important to have a community hub that delivers information on different guilds and how they impact the evolving web3 gaming space.”

Dan Wang - YGG SEA CIO: “YGG SEA is excited to partner with to bring the next 100 million gamers into Web3. As one of the largest and most active gaming communities with over 1 million members and 50+ game partnerships, is uniquely positioned to support YGG SEA in our vision of creating the largest and most sustainable Play and Earn ecosystem in the world. With the world's largest gaming launchpad and a dedicated gaming NFT marketplace, launching our guild portal in the Guild Hub might allow us to extend incredible scholarship opportunities to significantly more gamers in Southeast Asia”

Guild Hub is on the mission to embrace the development of the gamefi community through connecting its users with guild activities. The team will be working tirelessly to bring out more innovative products and services for games and metaverse, contributing to the web3 and blockchain gaming industry.

Note: This article is not investment advice. Users are supposed to take responsibility for their actions.

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