Registration program for New Communities and Guilds at Catventure in the Multiverse



Aug 20, 20222 min read

Registration program for New Communities and Guilds at Catventure in the Multiverse

Happy Gamefiversary is an explosive campaign that team put a great effort into and is receiving a lot of positive reception and cheers from the public. So far, we have constantly received many requests to join from new communities and guilds. Hence, the Registration Program for New Communities and Guilds was launched to help newcomers join this race.

We always welcome new guilds and communities to jump in. Throughout the adventure, guilds or communities that attain an excellent performance can strike up a future community partnership with


Let’s unveil what will be appeared in the online adventure at

  • Event name: Catventure in the Multiverse
  • Players who join the Event: Catstronaut
  • Guild/Team/Community joining the Event: Space Clowder
  • Leader of each Space Clowder: Catmander
  • Each Game and Metaverse project in the Event: Universe
  • Points earned in the adventure: Gafish

🎊 Check out event page now:


We are open to the application of communities and guilds who would like to join the event as a Catmander and lead your Space Clowder to explore the multiverse.

👉🏻 Apply HERE:


  • Showcase your logo community on our event page
  • Increase brand exposure to 1 million users across platform
  • Future community/guild partnership with
  • Spark joy in your community and strengthen the connection between members.

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