we believe
the origin & cultureof the crew
makes us
feasible & outstanding
in the Web3 gaming industry
An organization’s culture is built up of the mindset, behaviors, and values that its people pursue. We define the culture with 08 core values:
We are passionately adapting, building, and connecting to actualize the vision of an ultimate web3 gaming world. crew debuted in September 2021. Together, we marked milestones with - a one-stop destination for Web3 gaming.
We share passions in product development, business management, human connection, and cats. We treasure the divergency that lies within each individual of the crew. Balance between the similarities and differences among the people of crew is the key to our culture.
With all determination and grit, crew is now a pioneer to pursue the long-term vision of building digital communities and managing virtual economies for mainstream adoption.
Welcome to the crew
Hai Duong
Trung Nguyen
Hien Dao
Tech Lead
Dinh Pham
Test Lead
Tung “Beos” Tran
Product Design Lead
Hung Pham
Fullstack Developer
Vu Hoang
Fullstack Developer
Trang Phan
Digital Marketing
“Hey” Thanh Nguyen
Digital Marketing
Sekie Tran
Content Marketing
Thao “Tee” Le
Partner Success Manager
Uyen Bn
Partner Success Manager
Emi Tran
Community Manager
Loan Nguyen
Uyen Le
Hang “Joy” Ta
Business Analyst
Cong Le
Business Analyst
Trang-My Nguyen
Business Analyst
Khanh Ho
Game Designer
Tuan Dinh
Mobile Developer
Chuc Ngo
Mobile Developer
Long Chu
Backend Developer
Son Le
Front-End Developer
Linh “Tino” Nguyen
Fullstack Developer
Thanh Huyen Le
Front-End Developer
Cuong Bui
Fullstack Developer
Huy Bui
Fullstack Developer
Dung Khong
Front-End Developer
Thuy Nguyen
UX/UI Designer
Yen “Shi” Ha
UX/UI Designer
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